Trio to replace Costa? Chelsea in discussion with three strikers

Trio to replace Costa? Chelsea in discussion with three strikers

The summer transfer window has come to an end, and the teams that have already signed new players are already trying to strengthen the positions they need to improve their results.

Chelsea has already signed Eden Hazard, Tammy Abraham, and Willian, and it is now in the process of strengthening its defense. The club is in the middle of the transfer market, and so it is trying to buy a new goalkeeper.
The Blues are in the midst of a transfer campaign, so it’s not surprising that the club is trying not to spend too much money. The team has already bought a new defender, and now it is looking for a new midfielder.
However, the club has already made a number of transfers, and many of them are already starting to show their results:
* Fikayo-Anoeta;
* Kepa;

* Gedion Zelalem;

It is now possible to follow the development of events in the transfer campaign on the website of sports statistics. The information is updated in real time, and you can follow the latest news on the development and the results of the transfers that are being made.
Eden Hazard has already become a main star of Chelsea. The Belgian is a player that can be considered as one of the main stars of the club. He has already scored a number goals, and he is also able to create the goals of the team.
Chelsea’ transfer campaign has already started, and this summer the team has signed a number players. The main transfer that has been made is Eden Hazard. The Chelsea player is a striker, and his transfer is an excellent opportunity for the club to strengthen its position in the English Premier League.
Will Tammy Abraham become a new star for the team?
The club has recently signed a new player, and that player is Tammy Abraham. The player is an attacking midfielder, and if the club wants to strengthen their position in English football, it will have to buy another player.
Abraham has already managed to score a number goal, and there is no doubt that he will become a star of the new team. The young player has already shown that he can be a leader of the Chelsea team. He is able to make the team’ attack more dynamic, and in the next season the club will be able to compete with the leaders of the English championship.
It’ll be interesting to watch the development in the club’ football, and we will be waiting for the results. You can follow all the news on Chelsea on the sports statistics website.
Main transfers of the summer
The transfer campaign of the Premier League has already ended, and Chelsea has already been able to buy Eden Hazard and Tammy Abraham from the Oldham team. However, the main transfer of the season was the acquisition of Willian from Manchester United.
In the summer, the Red Devils signed the Brazilian midfielder. Willian is a versatile player, who can be used both as a forward and a midfielder. The Portuguese player is able not only to distribute the ball, but also to make himself a substitute.
Manchester United is now trying to get a number one forward, and they have already managed it. The Red Devils have signed Anthony Martial, and although the Frenchman is not the number one, he is able play in the same position as the club leaders.
This summer, Manchester United was able to sign a number 1 forward, but it is not clear yet whether the club can sign a new number one.
Jose Mourinho’s team has a number 11, and Martial is a good candidate for the position. However it is also possible that the Portuguese coach will decide to buy someone from the club, and then the club would have to pay a high price for it.
United is one of those clubs that are trying to sign players from other teams, and such a transfer is a great opportunity for them. The transfer campaign is not over yet, and Mourinho’ team is still trying to find a good solution for the problem.
Follow the development on the football field of the events in Manchester United’ summer transfer campaign. You will be the first to learn about the results and the news from the world of the football world.
New Chelsea players
The Chelsea team has recently been in the spotlight, and a lot of fans are interested in the team’s results. The Blues have recently started to show good results, and their results are gradually improving.
At the beginning of the campaign, the team was not able to win the Premier league, but in the last season it managed to win it. In the current season, the Blues have a good chance to win gold medals.
Many fans are already expecting the team to win this season, and for this reason, the new players of the Blues are very important for the development.
One of the players that is very important is Tammy. The midfielder has already gained experience in the Premier division, and she managed to become a good player in the Chelsea squad.
Another player that is important for Chelsea is Eden. The English player has shown himself in the Champions League, and at the same time he has become a very good player for the Chelsea.
Despite the fact that the team is not able yet to win a trophy, it is possible that in the near future it will be a real contender for the title.

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